Michael Manley Centre

The Michael Manley Centre at the Foundation’s headquarters, 1A Hope Boulevard, Kingston 6, was officially opened on December 10, 2004, the 80th anniversary of Mr Manley’s birth, by then Prime Minister P.J. Patterson.

The Centre is a depository and showcase of Mr Manley’s documents and memorabilia. It includes books by and about Michael Manley as well as volumes from Mr Manley’s private collection; scores of articles he wrote for various academic and popular publications, speeches, statements, messages and correspondence.

Among the artefacts are the ‘rod of correction'; the emblems of the Order of Supreme Companion of O.R. Tambo, conferred by the South African Government in 2004 for Mr Manley’s contribution to the apartheid struggle; the emblems of the late former Prime Minister’s induction into the International Civil Rights Walk of Fame at the Martin Luther King Jnr National Historic Site in Atlanta, USA, for Mr Manley’s ‘sterling contribution to the international civil rights movements through his passionate concerns and tireless work for equality and and social and human rights'; Mr Manley’s size 12 shoes that made the imprint in the Walk of Fame; letters from United States Presidents Jimmy Carter and George Bush Snr; and such personal items as Mr Manley’s birth certificate, passports, eyeglasses, diaries and address book. Several albums of photographs are included, as well as scores of videotapes and audiotapes.

The Centre is the primary source of information on the life and work of Michael Manley. It facilitates research by scholars in Jamaica and overseas and provides materials and services for the various projects and events of the Michael Manley Foundation.

It has developed a compact mobile graphic exhibition on the theme “Ten Aspects of Michael Manley”, the specific topics of which are Early Life, Ideas & Causes, Writer, Trade Unionist, Political Leader, People’s Champion, World Statesman, Connoisseur of Sports, Lover of the Arts, and Intellectual.

Throughout its existence, the Michael Manley Centre has been sustained mainly by the Culture, Health, Arts, Sports & Education (CHASE) Fund.