About the Michael Manley Foundation


In 1998, a group of distinguished persons, including former Ministers of Government and Press Secretaries to Michael Manley, Ambassadors, university Professors, senior trade unionists and sports greats, established a Michael Manley Foundation, incorporated on May 21, 1999, to preserve and promote the political, philosophical and intellectual legacy of Michael Manley. The Foundation set up its secretariat at 1A Hope Boulevard, Kingston 6, Jamaica, on May 13, 2002.

The Michael Manley Foundation has implemented three major annual projects – Awards for Community Self-Reliance, distinguished Lectures and Essay Competitions – and established a Michael Manley Centre that houses and displays Mr Manley’s documents and memorabilia.


The Vision of the Michael Manley Foundation is to preserve the legacy of Michael Manley by contributing to the empowerment of the disadvantaged and by promoting human equality, global justice, community self-reliance and other noble causes that Michael Manley championed in his lifetime.


The mission of the Michael Manley Foundation is to contribute to the building of a better Jamaica and Caribbean by, first, informing the present and future generations of Michael Manley’s life, philosophy and work; and, second, developing educational and community-based projects to continue the quest for individual, community and national self-reliance and for global equality and justice.


The objectives of the Michael Manley Foundation are:

  • To preserve and promote the intellectual, political and philosophical legacy of Michael Manley
  • To work with the Government and people of Jamaica and any other properly constituted local, regional or international authority in pursuance of the above objective
  • To make secure and assist in the establishment of documentation on the public life and papers of Michael Manley
  • To develop a public, non-partisan institution which will serve the Jamaican, Caribbean and international publics in gaining knowledge of Michael Manley, his public life, work and intellectual legacy.

Michael Manley Centre

The Michael Manley Centre at the Foundation’s headquarters, 1A Hope Boulevard, Kingston 6, was officially opened on December 10, 2004, the 80th anniversary of Mr Manley’s birth, by then Prime Minister P.J. Patterson.

The Centre is a depository and showcase of Mr Manley’s documents and memorabilia. It includes books by and about Michael Manley as well as volumes from Mr Manley’s private collection; scores of articles he wrote for various academic and popular publications, speeches, statements, messages and correspondence.
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Annual Projects


The Michael Manley Foundation’s affairs are directed by an Executive Committee, headed by a Chairman. The Executive determines the policies and direction of the Foundation. The current members of the Executive Committee are:

  • Professor Winston Davidson (Chairman)

  • Mrs Donna Scott-Mottley (Deputy Chairman)

  • Mrs Grace McGhie-Brown (Secretary)

  • Ms Doreen Holness (Treasurer)

  • Mrs Karen Bhoorasingh

  • Ms Rosalyn Campbell

  • Mr Delano Franklyn, JP

  • Mr Eugene Kelly

  • Mrs Rosalie McDonald-Barker, OD

  • Mr Peter Reid

  • Mr Danny Roberts, CD, JP

  • Mr Claude Robinson, OD

  • Hon. R. Danny Williams, OJ, CD, JP (Honorary Treasurer)