A Life of Service

The Most Honourable Michael Manley was one of the most outstanding political figures in the post-colonial history of the Caribbean. As a politician, labour leader, author and intellectual, Mr Manley made a seminal contribution to Jamaican, Caribbean and international politics.

More About His Life of Service

Our Vision

The Vision of the Michael Manley Foundation is to preserve the legacy of Michael Manley by contributing to the empowerment of the disadvantaged and by promoting human equality, global justice, community self-reliance and other noble causes that Michael Manley championed in his lifetime.

Our Mission

The mission of the Michael Manley Foundation is to contribute to the building of a better Jamaica and Caribbean by, first, informing the present and future generations of Michael Manley’s life, philosophy and work; and, second, developing educational and community-based projects to continue the quest for individual, community and national self-reliance and for global equality and justice.