Michael Manley Lectures 2003-2009

Annual distinguished Lectures have been an event of the Michael Manley Foundation since 2003. The Michael Manley Lecture is presented each year on December 10, the anniversary of Mr Manley’s birth. However, the inaugural Lecture, originally scheduled for December 10, 2002, was unavoidably postponed to January 27, 2003. The Lecturers and their subjects have been:

  • First Lecture (January 2003)

    Lecturer: Hon. Dr Kenny Anthony, Prime Minister of St Lucia
    Subject: “Has the moment passed? Reflections on Caribbean integration after Michael Manley”

  • Second Lecture (December 2003)

    Lecturer: Sir George Alleyne, Chancellor University of the W. Indie
    Subject: “Globalisation and the challenges to Caribbean health”

  • Third Lecture (December 2004)

    Lecturer: Rachel Manley, poet and biographer
    Subject: “The quest for a Caribbean voice”

  • Fouth Lecture (December 2005)

    Lecturer: Hon. Barbara Gloudon, Journalist and Playwright
    Subject: “Michael Manley and community development”

  • Fifth Lecture (December 2006)

    Lecturer: Dr Manning Marable, Professor of Public Affairs, History & African-American Studies, Columbia University
    Subject: “Empire, Racism and Resistance: Global apartheid and prospects for a democratic future”

  • Sixth Lecture (December 2007)

    Lecturer: Dr Peter Phillips, MP, Leader, Opposition Business, House of Representatives
    Subject: “Preserving the Michael Manley legacy towards a progressive political agenda in the current period”

  • Seventh Lecture (December 2008)

    Lecturer: Mr Lloyd Goodleigh General Secretary National Workers Union, Jamaica
    Subject: “The relevance of Michael Manley’s political thought in today’s globalised world”

  • Eighth Lecture (December 2009)

    Lecturer: Professor Stephen Vasciannie, Principal, Norman Manley Law School
    Subject: “Jamaica and the World: Aspects of International Law”

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